[f_minor] Scriabine Plays Scriabine

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Fri Feb 3 14:59:50 PST 2012

I am resending this because it's really quite beautiful and because
Glenn Gould has fundamentally nothing to do with it one way or another and
because Glenn Gould never composed anything that can compare
with it one way or another. Leafless trees? or wind on water? From 1908.

"It is possible to hear Scriabine play Scriabine at The Pianola Institute website:

SCRIABIN: Piano Sonata no 3 in F# minor, Op. 23,
Third and Fourth Movements,  [8.8 Mb]
Recorded by the Composer - January 1908, Leipzig.

          This roll was played back on a Steck grand Pianola Piano in London, in June 2009.
The audio recording is the copyright of the Pianola Institute, 2009.


click on the link and scroll down to just about the middle of the page."

end of repeat.

I don't really understand what you mean by Mickey Mouse in your e-mail Michael 
but rest assured that I've always appreciated your e-mails very much.


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