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Wed Jan 18 09:49:17 PST 2012

Hi Miss Verna - I am interested in The Art of Glenn Gould, if it  is not 
claimed by the vast f_minor following. I have all the rest on your list  (as a 
loyal listener of GG). If available, let me know about payment (money  
order, personal check, etc.). Just curious, wouldn't your children want these  
Thanks for your offer and pleased to meet you.
Katherine Papademas
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I have lurked on the f_minor list for many years and  have enjoyed the 
discussions that have taken place.  I am downsizing, and  I would like to 
dispose of my collection of books about Glenn Gould and would  like to offer them 
to the f_minor list before I contact eBay.   I am  vainglorious enough to 
keep two:  the best,  Kevin Bazzana,  Wondrous Strange, 2003 and 2004 and the 
worst, Michael  Clarkson, The Secret Life of Glenn Gould:  A Genius in Love, 
The list of books available is below.  You may  contact me at my email 
address.  I prefer to have them all go in one  shipment but would consider 
individual mailings, too.  Keep in mind, I  live in Hawaii and the book rate 
anywhere can take  months!
Bassana,  Kevin            Glenn Gould:  The Performer in the  Work, 1997
Carroll,  Jock                      Glenn Gould:  Some Portraits of the 
Artist as a Young Man,  1995
Cott,  Jonathan                   Conversations with Glenn Gould, 1984
Friedrich,  Otto                   Glenn Gould:  A Life and Variations, 1989
Hafner,  Katie                      A Romance on Three Legs, 2008
Kazdin,  Andrew                 Glenn Gould at Work:  Creative Lying, 1989 
Konieczny,  Vladimir         Struggling for  Perfection:  The Story of 
Glenn Gould, 2004
Konieczny, Vladimir     Glenn Gould:  A Musical Force,  2009
McGreevy,  John                 Glenn Gould by Himself and His Friends, 1983
Mesaros,  Helen                 Bravo Fortissimo Glenn Gould:  The Mind of 
a Canadian Virtuoso,  2008
Ostwald, Peter  F.               Glenn Gould:  The Ecstasy and Tragedy of 
Genius, 1997
Page,  Tim                         The  Glenn Gould Reader, 1984
Payzant,  Geoffrey              Glenn Gould:  Music & Mind, 1978
Roberts, John P.  L.          Glenn  Gould:  Selected Letters, 1992
Roberts, John P.  L.          The Art of Glenn  Gould, 1999
Verna Sandercock Post
Hilo, Hawaii
_vpost at hawaii.rr.com_ (mailto:vpost at hawaii.rr.com) 


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