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I have lurked on the f_minor list for many years and have enjoyed the discussions that have taken place.  I am downsizing, and I would like to dispose of my collection of books about Glenn Gould and would like to offer them to the f_minor list before I contact eBay.   I am vainglorious enough to keep two:  the best,  Kevin Bazzana, Wondrous Strange, 2003 and 2004 and the worst, Michael Clarkson, The Secret Life of Glenn Gould:  A Genius in Love, 2010. 

The list of books available is below.  You may contact me at my email address.  I prefer to have them all go in one shipment but would consider individual mailings, too.  Keep in mind, I live in Hawaii and the book rate anywhere can take months!

Bassana, Kevin                Glenn Gould:  The Performer in the Work, 1997
Carroll, Jock                     Glenn Gould:  Some Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man, 1995
Cott, Jonathan                  Conversations with Glenn Gould, 1984
Friedrich, Otto                  Glenn Gould:  A Life and Variations, 1989
Hafner, Katie                     A Romance on Three Legs, 2008
Kazdin, Andrew                Glenn Gould at Work:  Creative Lying, 1989 (photocopy)
Konieczny, Vladimir         Struggling for Perfection:  The Story of Glenn Gould, 2004
Konieczny, Vladimir         Glenn Gould:  A Musical Force, 2009
McGreevy, John                Glenn Gould by Himself and His Friends, 1983
Mesaros, Helen                Bravo Fortissimo Glenn Gould:  The Mind of a Canadian Virtuoso, 2008
Ostwald, Peter F.              Glenn Gould:  The Ecstasy and Tragedy of Genius, 1997
Page, Tim                         The Glenn Gould Reader, 1984
Payzant, Geoffrey             Glenn Gould:  Music & Mind, 1978
Roberts, John P. L.          Glenn Gould:  Selected Letters, 1992
Roberts, John P. L.          The Art of Glenn Gould, 1999

Verna Sandercock Post
Hilo, Hawaii
vpost at hawaii.rr.com

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