[f_minor] NYPO Mahler 9th interrupted by cell phone

DJ Were-Panda vnvlain at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 18:10:12 PST 2012

The Economist did a piece today on the matter.  Before people start seeing
red on bliss intruded upon by digital devices, I'd like to direct you to a
quote from the article:

The New York Times reported that the gentleman in question, interviewed by
the newspaper but not named, had received a brand new company iPhone a day
before the concert, replacing his BlackBerry smartphone. An alarm had been
set accidentally, it appears, and he was only able to silence it after much
fumbling in his pocket. A spokeswoman for the Philharmonic told Babbage
that the hapless interrupter, a front-row season subscriber, is mortified,
and that the orchestra and staff feel for him.
(end quote)

Full article here:

Regards, DJWP
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