[f_minor] GG At The Movies

maryellen jensen maryellenjensen28 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 4 11:02:06 PST 2012

Oh dear oh dear,

>From cannibalism to coitus continuus 
Glenn Gould in "Shame":


I'm so behind the curve, I only just heard about this on 
Radio France Musique. It appears that the sex-addicted 
protagonist listens to GG's Bach WTC Book 1 Prelude and Fuge 10
in E Minor BWV 855 on a headset while jogging in NYC.

GG's Goldberg Variations makes various appearances as well.

Just me but I much prefer Cat Power's utterly louche version of "NY NY"
to the one in "Shame".

See you at the movies,
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