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Matthew Harding matthew.harding at ktlgroup.ca
Wed Jan 4 06:54:09 PST 2012

Hi Mary, although I agree with you that Sony should think again about blocking access to Dylan, Gould etc on the web, Sony (or the Glenn Gould Estate) has a legal obligation to protect their musical interests.

It's not self-defeating for Sony to legally protect their property. In fact, if Sony does read this list then the very act of posting it forces them to take it down (where perhaps before, they could turn a blind eye).

For that, you can blame Copyright law, intellectual property rules, and other legal mumbo jumbo. But you can't blame Sony for doing what they're obliged to do.

However, I do agree that MORE should be done to PROMOTE these wonderful assets Sony has in their possession. Am I the only one who was thrilled about the recent DVD release?

We should take the rest of this conversation off topic since it doesn't pertain to GG per se. Anyone who has concrete proposals (or even vague suggestions of ideas) that could help promote Glenn everywhere, now is the time to speak!

Cheers and a Happy New Year to all Gouldians for 2012,

On 2012-01-03, at 6:30 PM, maryellen jensen wrote:

> Sony owns Glenn Gould. Sony Canada reads this site. 
> Two days after I posted Dylan here it has been blocked on youtube 
> with "sorry" from SME  Sony Music Enterprises. 
> If you want people to hear music for the first time and then to buy it
> then please think again about blocking access to it. 
> nota bene F Minor members: if it's rare Gould do not post a link on F minor.
> Perfectly sickening and utterly self-defeating for SME but even worse for
> culture at large,
> Mary

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