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Hi Mary,  Happy New Year to you.  I used to know the names of the two
blondes - one who was leaving her secrets intact and the other with the
pill box hat.  Now those names have fallen into the part of my brain known
as "useless info".  Dylan was here in Clemson last year.  He is looking
bad, probably has forgotten those two names too.  I kept wishing that I
could take him home for a nice beef stew.  He looked so hungry and ill-kept.

Lately (in addition to steering the tricky currents of the holiday
visitors) I have been listening to S. Richter, the Russian.  He is REALLY
Russian though, just had a Russian mother, German father.  When WWII came
along, his father was accused of being a Russian spy and executed.  This
story has a deep interest for me since one of my family lines IS Richter.
 That family was part of a small group of German families who came Virginia
by invitation of its governor to show the other colonists how to mine and
process Iron ore.  The Richters were miners, smiths, clock makers, and
farmers. It didn't take long for them to leave the employ of the governor
and move up the Rappahanock River to establish their own town.  Since I'm
an amateur historian, I love reading about this stuff as well as listening
to music.

By the way, there is a small town near Clemson called Walhalla.  It was
founded by a group of German Lutherans and is still full of people of
German descent.  They have a beautiful little Lutheran church.


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> So pillory me but the winner of the GG prize was Leonard Cohen who must
> have loved this:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBmHDPk96Xs&feature=related
> yes yes yes, drag out those vowels as long as you can it's too brilliant
> and the of course this:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dDHkRrJ9QE&feature=related
> Sorry if you're offended, I just had to do it.
> please close the garage door.
> Mary
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