[f_minor] Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at sundsvall.nu
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Many of the Nuova Era and some of the early Music&Arts Gould releases 
uses the sound from TV broadcasts. Hence the terrible sound quality. 
Sony has released some CDs with TV recordings (for example the 
Shostakovich quintet), but I doubt they will do so in this case, 
especially since the performance isn't complete. There are ways to 
extract the sound from a DVD, for example with DVD Audio Extractor. The 
result will probably not be any worse than a commercial release on CD.

> Dear all
> accroding to the f_minor archive this Music & Arts CD is out of print, 
> at least officialy
> http://glenngould.org/f_minor/msg05337.html
> maybe someone at gemm.com or sume such seller still might have one in 
> stock, otherwise Google can help you to find one by any means. Jus’ sayin’
> At least to my knowledge this has not been re-released by Sony or the 
> CBC. But who knows what the annus mirabilis next year will bring ?
> P.
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> Hi all.
> The Music & Arts CD 654 includes an incomplete recording of the BWV 
> 552 Fugue (rec. 8 April 1962).
> Also included are: French ouverture BWV 831 (13 March 1969); Cantata  
> BWV 54 (R. Oberlin; 4 April 1962); Concerto BWV 1056 (Goldschmidt; 11 
> September 1957); Concerto BWV 1058 (Golschmann; 15 November 1967).   
> The sound quality is overall pretty bad, but it makes a most 
> interesting listening.
> Cheers.
> Marco
>> To Poul Pederson,
>> I'm personally unaware of any Gould recording of BWV 639 but there 
>> are a lot of
>> "live" and "private" GG recordings out there in 'private hands'.
>> If I may offer you a sort of "consolation": on this afternoon's 
>> episode of this week's
>> 5 part GG series on Radio France Musique I heard for the very first 
>> time_a recording
>> of St. Anne Fugue BWV 552 by Gould on an organ_. The program notes 
>> cite "Music
>> and Arts 654". Certainly someone on F Minor has that cd and might 
>> write in to share
>> some information on that organ recording? Today's (mardi 1 novembre) 
>> episode:
>> http://sites.radiofrance.fr/francemusique/em/pierre/emission.php?e_id=100000057&dd=20111101 
>> <http://http//sites.radiofrance.fr/francemusique/em/pierre/emission.php?e_id=100000057&dd=20111101>
>> Apparently my hyperlinks don't work so you'll have to cut and paste.
>> Click on to the headphone icon next to "(re)ecouter" in the violet box.
>> Mary
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>> Subject: [f_minor] Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ
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>> Could anybody kindly tell me whether GG recorded "Ich ruf zu Dir Mein 
>> Herr Jesu Christ" BWV 639?
>> Many thanks,
>> Denmark

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