[f_minor] Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ

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Re: [f_minor] Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu ChristDear all

accroding to the f_minor archive this Music & Arts CD is out of print, at least officialy

maybe someone at gemm.com or sume such seller still might have one in stock, otherwise Google can help you to find one by any means. Jus’ sayin’

At least to my knowledge this has not been re-released by Sony or the CBC. But who knows what the annus mirabilis next year will bring ?


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Hi all.
The Music & Arts CD 654 includes an incomplete recording of the BWV 552 Fugue (rec. 8 April 1962).
Also included are: French ouverture BWV 831 (13 March 1969); Cantata  BWV 54 (R. Oberlin; 4 April 1962); Concerto BWV 1056 (Goldschmidt; 11 September 1957); Concerto BWV 1058 (Golschmann; 15 November 1967).   The sound quality is overall pretty bad, but it makes a most interesting listening.



  To Poul Pederson,

  I'm personally unaware of any Gould recording of BWV 639 but there are a lot of
  "live" and "private" GG recordings out there in 'private hands'.

  If I may offer you a sort of "consolation": on this afternoon's episode of this week's
  5 part GG series on Radio France Musique I heard for the very first time a recording
  of St. Anne Fugue BWV 552 by Gould on an organ. The program notes cite "Music
  and Arts 654". Certainly someone on F Minor has that cd and might write in to share
  some information on that organ recording? Today's (mardi 1 novembre) episode:


  Apparently my hyperlinks don't work so you'll have to cut and paste.
  Click on to the headphone icon next to "(re)ecouter" in the violet box.



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  Could anybody kindly tell me whether GG recorded "Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ" BWV 639?

  Many thanks,





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