[f_minor] Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ

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Tue Nov 1 17:22:12 EDT 2011

To Poul Pederson,

I'm personally unaware of any Gould recording of BWV 639 but there are a lot of
"live" and "private" GG recordings out there in 'private hands'.

If I may offer you a sort of "consolation": on this afternoon's episode of this week's
5 part GG series on Radio France Musique I heard for the very first time a recording
of St. Anne Fugue BWV 552 by Gould on an organ. The program notes cite "Music 
and Arts 654". Certainly someone on F Minor has that cd and might write in to share
some information on that organ recording? Today's (mardi 1 novembre) episode:


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Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 17:21:30 +0200
To: f_minor at glenngould.org
From: poul.pedersen at hum.au.dk
Subject: [f_minor] Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ

Could anybody kindly tell me whether GG recorded "Ich ruf zu Dir Mein Herr Jesu Christ" BWV 639?

Many thanks,



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