[f_minor] GG on French Radio This Week

maryellen jensen maryellenjensen28 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 31 12:39:51 EDT 2011

The Radio France Musique weekday radio series "Du Cote de Chez Pierre"
is featuring Glenn Gould this week in a programme called
"Glenn Gould, Correspondance de concert" wherein Pierre Charvet reads
various of GG's letters accompanied by GG's recordings. Link for site:


To listen, look for "(re)ecouter" at the top inside the violet coloured box
to the right and click on the headphone icon. Each day this week there 
will be a new episode but all programmes on RFM are available to
"(re)ecouter" for 30 days after initial transmission.

Scrolling down below the programme description you will find
"programmation musicale", the list of all pieces played. You will
also find that the five Inventions are erroneously listed as
"Interventions" which some may say as played by Gould is 
a fitting description.

I hope the link works for you,
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