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And from "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson: "Bach, he declared, was his  
favorite classical composer. He was particularly fond of listening to the  
contrast between the two versions of the 'Goldberg Variations' that Glenn Gould  
recorded, the first in 1955 ... and the second in 1981, a year before he 
died.  'They're like night and day,' Jobs said after playing them sequentially 
one  afternoon. 'The first is an exuberant, young, brilliant piece, played 
so fast  it's a revelation. The later one is so much more spare and stark. 
You sense a  very deep soul who's been through a lot in life. It's deeper and 
wiser.' Jobs  was on his third medical leave that afternoon when he played 
both versions, and  I asked which he liked better ... 'I like the earlier, 
exuberant one. But now I  can see where he was coming from.' 
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