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I completely agree with Pat, this sick world, as usual, celebrates exploiters as gods:



And oh yes he was certainly a genius in his field (marketing) but he isn't certainly sitting beside Leonardo right now, sorry.

OT off from me too,
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  Well, I was not trolling and I have not failed. Maybe I was inappropriate but because the Haigiography is already at work in the media I may as well be heretical in the case of the late Mr Jobs.

  Please keep in mind that GG's popularity is not just based on the music but also his Haigiography (the chair, humming, eccentricities etc). Hereafter stands well as Exibit A here I reckon. Or, as a general example Walter Miller's satire Canticle for Leibowitz in which Haigiography goes horribly wrong for a while, with devastating consequences

  The Cult of Personality has reached heights these days that scare me. Today I saw pictures of people paying tribute with flowers and candles to Mr Jobs. Wich is all nice and fine.

  But the cult that was made around Apple and Jobs was sometimes so overwhelming it hurts and was almost the equivalent of religious extasis while their products were overrated and overpriced. Not to mention that they stopped making cool stuff but only products for the mass market.

  Again, nothing against the fact that people pay their respect, but there is something here that is nagging me. Probably the Haigiography. Does it bother me that "we" believe in brands now (and to a certain extent even GG is a brand) instead of ideas or philosophical concepts ? Yes.

  GG was fully aware that his manierisms would give him more press and help to sell records, he perfected this art to  final self-deconstruction.
  Jobs, an entrepreneur, was also arare of the power of Haigiography and milked that cow to a point where it even might have scared him.

  At least in the case of GG there is substance behind the Haigiography. And of course Mr Jobs' demise is sad. But the Apple hype is just that, a hype.

  OT off from me

  Am 06.10.2011 um 20:04 schrieb Erich Schmidt:

    Epic fail, Pat. Nice troll, though.

    On Oct 6, 2011, at 1:57 PM, p z wrote:

      Hi all, also OT

      Now suppose I were to sell you a "computer" with a hard disk of 64 GB (no SSD), a 10 inch screen with ridiculously low resolution and 2 old VGA cameras, 1 GHz Intel DualCore chip (haha), no USB, no Firewire, but a hilariously closed pseudo operating system that needs its own store. If you buy summet from that store 30 % of what you pay goes to me. this device cannot do basic functions such as copy/paste or play certain video or audio formats. compared to this environment North Korea looks like Las Vegas. But hey, the design and the form factor are absolutely amazing and genius so I am going to create a huge buzz behind a veil of secrecy call it the reinvention of the computer and charge you "just" 800 Euros for that, plus data plan from carrier on which I might have a percentage), make sure it becomes a cult object sold to millions who don't really need this thing and enter the history books and the annals of IT Hagiography, Myth and Legend

      Somehow I cannot help but to admire such chuzpe.


      Am 06.10.2011 um 15:58 schrieb maryellen jensen:

        One cannot say this is OT - Jobs dying is THE TOPICeverywhere today. 

        I just want to pass along a link to one of the longest published interviews Jobs ever did,

        The Playboy Interview 1985:





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