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Nuncle Pat, 

The little booklet has 14 pages with no spectacular artwork, just a short intro by Tim Page (in
English, French, German) with the rest of the pages given over to complete descriptions and 
credits concerning the content of each of the 10 dvds. 

Happy to report that the entire product is 'clean and crisp', straightforward, upfront about what
it is and so far the quality is just outstanding. My only lament is that the few programs GG did
in the US couldn't have also been included, a real pity.

Now back to the tv screen for me.


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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 21:10:30 +0200
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Hi Mary
Blast ! Amazon Germany wants 57 Euros from me, tells me I have to bloody wait for shipping date Oct 7th and with the usual speed of the swiss post that might well be after the 12th at least....oh bugger ! last time I was so keen to get a box set was in September 2009.....or when a new Terry Pratchett novel gees released (also in October !)
Wel, at least I got the Pink Floyd Immersion Box for DSOTM to keep me company...should be here tomorrow and I know what I'll do on Friday....
Please do give details to both f_minor and GGU on details what exactly is in that box, Hell I can't wait !

Am 27.09.2011 um 20:20 schrieb maryellen jensen:
O happy day,

 I sauntered into the local FNAC (multi-media store) this afternoon for a look around at what's new
when lo and behold there IT was on a shelf in the Classical Music dept.: The CBC 10 dvd Gould box set.
Special price CHF 69,90 instead of CHF 84,90. So I bought it. I reckon that had I ordered it from Canada
or the US I'd have ended up paying more or less the same price once you tack on the postal charges and
besides there's no waiting, I've got it here and now. What a swell surprise.



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