[f_minor] The new GG DVD Box in Europe

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Sat Sep 17 14:01:30 EDT 2011

Dear all

Just in case you have not noticed various Amazon sites in Europe now also list the new GG DVD set. Here is the entry from Amazon up in Germany which is closest to me and from which I will order.


Cost is 56 Euros (free shipping), seems to be either DVD 9 or 0, meaning that this can be played in all regions. Release date is Oct. 7th. The table of content for each DVD looks very promising indeed !

Amazon France, slightly cheaper, earlier release date:

Amazon UK doesn’t list it yet which I find curious.

Amazon Italy also lists the DVD set for 58 Euros, release is on Sept 27th

I am sure that by now this DVD set will be available not just in Europe but also from other retailers like HMV, bol and others.

Order placed, credit card has been charged. Now the long, long, so very long wait begins . Our poor postie cannot imagine the joy he will deliver around Oct 10th. And I don’t have to pay sales tax on this delivery too !

Both the GG Foundation and the official GG site remain silent. Business as usual apparently. Do I sense some kind of frisson here ?

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