[f_minor] 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould!?!

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Oh my...I found the DVD just last night...It had fallen behind my
bookshelf...It was a really chance occurrence that I found it...So I watched
it--I haven't seen it in years and I was very disappointed in it. The
impersonation makes Glenn look like a solemn, pretentious, weirdo. It DIDN'T
exude Glenn's essence at all. I don't know how I could have said earlier
that it did. :/ If I had not known who Glenn was before I watched this, I
don't think it would have inspired an interest in him. This actor never
cracks a smile or makes a joke and Glenn was enormously funny and
goofy--that is my favorite part about his personality. Also, when the child
actor plays a young Glenn, why is there a scene of Glenn sitting on the end
of a dock on the lake repeating mathematical equations like a zombified
freak? Is there an anecdote of Glenn even doing something like this? I am
sorry if I offend anyone with my bitterness towards this portrayal. I know
some people do like it. But it wholly neglects the most important, charming
personality traits of Glenn.

On Sat, Sep 17, 2011 at 7:43 AM, Anne M. Marble <amarble at sff.net> wrote:

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> From: "Cline, Eric" <Eric.Cline at reichhold.com>
> > It can be downloaded from iTunes in a pan and scan format for about
> > 10.00 USD.
> Gasp! Why didn't I think to look there. Thank you for mentioning it. Now I
> know where my recent iTunes refund is going. :-)
> It's no substitute for a widescreen DVD with multiple commentary tracks and
> extras, of course. But it will do for now...
> Anne Marble
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