[f_minor] 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould!?!

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Hi Stephanie - Yes, these productions may get even more expensive. As time  
lengthens between Gould's life and ours, so may the cost increase of these  
media productions. 
Go to ebay.com, and type "thirty two short films about glenn gould"; there  
are DVDs and videocassette versions of the film. Instead of playing around 
with  bidding, just "buy it now". Some of the prices appear to be 
reasonable. Usually  the quality of the "used" media is adequate to excellent. 

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Hello  All,  

I bought a copy of "32" a few years ago on Amazon.  The price was  steep.  
At the time there were no used ones, so I spent $125.00.  I've left it in my 
Will for Mary. 
I watch it occasionally and tend to get the actor and the real GG mixed  up 
in my visual images.  The scene I liked the best was the one one of  him 
playing in the hotel with the maid as the audience. 


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32  Short Films about Glenn Gould: I lost this DVD and want to buy it  
again...but I see that it is now listed for approximately 300 dollars on  Ebay 
and on Amazon?!? Wow...I am assuming it is out of print, but why is it  THIS 
expensive? Does anyone know of a cheaper source?  


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