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Dear all

Oh yeah, a dream has come true ! And it was about time, too ! Finally I get to see stuff I had only read about, the programs that have become part of the GG haigiography by now. It will be interesting to see how Gouldians and the general public will react to some of his views and opinions The times have changed and I fear that his style as a presenter might be seen as anachronistic by now. But what counts is the music, and that is timeless !

Funny, the GGF has not been trumpeting about this set all over the place. And that the CBC seems to be one of the few places where you can buy this set makes one wonder how the ralations between the GGF, Sony and the CBC are

10 DVDs with 19 hours for 44 canadian and american bucks, roughly 30 Euros, same in british Pounds (36 CHF for me) is quite a bargain !

However, this is a DVD Region 1 set, meaning that if you live in Europe i.e. these DVDs might not play on your device. There are legal ways to get around that, depending on the device in question.

it must also be taken into consideration that the shipping charges are close to street robbery (25 CND for International Orders, 13 bucks for our american friends), given that delivery times range from 3 to six weeks.

In any case, summet to look forward to !


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Thanks for the great news.  This is all ever so wonderful!



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  Hello Fellow Gouldians 

  Step right this way and  (pre-) order your Glenn Gould Television series DVD set

  Two new articles announcing the Glenn Gould Television series.





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