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The only Bjork I ever liked but merde I'm a just sucker for hedgehogs
and Ophelia. Who isn't?. My Iceland is Sigur Ros, practically everything they
ever recorded.. 

It would be a very very cold afternoon in hell when Glen Herbert Gold let anyone on this
transitory plane fiddle and/or otherwise mix with his 'perfect' recordings. If you read and
listen to what he really said on the subject of "mixing" you will realize that he never spoke of
his own recordings the way he offered up  those of other artists for the 'mix'. 

Gould 'tampered' with his recordings so that you the listener wouldn't have to. 
He was the decider, not you - oh except for your treble and bass dials...


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Came across this article which mentions Glenn Gould's vision of mixing 
music to suit the performer/listener/composer.
So, music assembled ala Gouldian principles and mixed with science and 
Katherine, listening to GG playing Jacques Hetu's Variations.
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