[f_minor] The GG 10 dvd release

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at sundsvall.nu
Thu Aug 11 13:02:28 EDT 2011

Hello Mary,

Kevin Bazzana answers you CBC question like this:

"As I understand it, CBS/Sony has always held
the rights to release GG's recordings (from whatever source) beginning with
his first Goldberg recording--which is why the CBC, in the early 1990s,
could only release earlier, pre-1955 radio/TV recordings on its own label,
recordings dating from before the CBS contract. So Sony still holds the
rights to release GG's post-1955 stuff as CDs, DVDs, etc., even CBC
material, though of course this all had to be negotiated with the CBC
(that's one of the reasons this process took so long--everything had to be
renegotiated between Sony and the CBC). All of this is slightly complicated
by the fact that anything before 1961 is now in the public domain in most of
the world, which means that (outside the USA, anyway) I myself could sell
bootleg CDs of 1957 CBC broadcasts on my street corner and it wouldn't be
illegal. (This applies to audio, anyway; the copyright laws in video might
be different, I actually don't know.)"


> Hejsan Jorgen et al
>  How can an imminent Sony dvd release have anything to do with Gould's
> "Bernsteining in all directions" which was done at/for the CBC?
>  Jorgen, hasn't the CBC sole copyright to GG's many many years of
> t.v. programs and radio performances?
>  Can Mr. Bazzana help out on this?
>  It would be interesting to hear from somebody/anybody with
> personal-professional information on "Revcom". I have read up on
> it and it has been an interesting read but I'd like to understand more.
> It seems there were some very interesting people involved.
> Mary

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