[f_minor] Gould demolishes and recreates Beethoven's "Appassionata"

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Thanks for that link. I may have heard this one before.  I have had no luck finding any uploaded 3'rd mvt of the Appassionata by Gould.  The 1'st and 2'nd movements were shocking to me and I'm pretty used to exaggerated GG.  These sounded like his Mozart with deliberately outrageous tempos, designed to get people screaming at the cd machine.  


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And Fred, try this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EUSlM0IXhU&feature=related
for more Gouldian Beethoven. 

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I         must admit that I did not realize till just now that I had never heard         GG play this Beethoven.  I am struck totally dumb by his         interpretation. He has thrown out almost all the time scale markings         that Beethoven himself would have published and has completed recreated         a different piece.  

I am just amazed at what has         emerged.  I am just listening to the 1'st movement now as I type         this.....as usual GG has shown us completely different textures that are         buried in the overly familiar music.  He certainly did break almost         every rule of interpretive conduct in this recording.  I will have         to listen to more and contemplate what the heck GG had in mind.          Amazing recording...shocking really.


Fred         Houpt


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