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Mary,  Many thanks for the advice.  I truly do appreciate it. No more hymns accompanied by sobs for me.

I just found out that a new version of Moby Dick is coming out in October with an illustration for each page.  That's enough to perk me up for the few months waiting for it to be published.  I fell madly in love with that book when I was about eight and the library had a beautiful, illustrated edition that I've never been able to find since.  Now a new one! Joy and happiness.


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G' day all

OT, I know because Mary brought me to he challenge. Paolo Conte is a mere hungover barfly compared to these most talented singers: 

Anonymous 4 Rules. Period.

Just the human voice and so you can or want to write a fuge.

But I digress

OT off


OAm 29.07.2011 um 23:28 schrieb maryellen jensen:


For Anita the distressed,

Get theeself to a piano and play. Just play and sing. Take heart from Paolo Conte. 


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You will just have to wait patiently.  Can't be helped.  I went to a funeral today complete with a church full of really old people, some of them sobbing.  I think I can stand almost anything after that. These were the old people I've known all my life.  Most people in my "hometown" don't know who in the world I am.  The town has been taken over by 25 year olds.

Anita the Distressed

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Hejsan Jorgen,

So is this it? Finally? Is this the "I, myself, have been Bernsteining in all directions" Gould CBC t.v. collection?

Is this a straightforward all inclusive collection of GG on CBC t.v.? I sure hope so.

Or is this a Sony re-release dvd version of the Monsaingeon mash-up from the early 1990's ?

Any ideas? 


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> Hello alla,
> I have no more specific information than before, but at least I've seen 
> it advertised in Sony music list of coming releases. It's 10 DVDs and if 
> the release schedule is correct it'll be out in Scandinavia on Sept. 21. 
> I also found a couple of commercial sites with the same information:
> http://zoso.si/product/product&product_id=876305 
> <http://zoso.si/product/product&product_id=876305>;
> http://www.imusic.dk/dvd/0886979521094/glenn-gould-2011-on-television-dvd
> Strangely enough nothing on either Amazon.com or the UK site. Even more 
> surprising, nothing on hmv.co.jp
> It's a step in the right direction anyway...
> Regards,
> Jorgen


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