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You will just have to wait patiently.  Can't be helped.  I went to a funeral today complete with a church full of really old people, some of them sobbing.  I think I can stand almost anything after that. These were the old people I've known all my life.  Most people in my "hometown" don't know who in the world I am.  The town has been taken over by 25 year olds.

Anita the Distressed

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Hejsan Jorgen,

So is this it? Finally? Is this the "I, myself, have been Bernsteining in all directions" Gould CBC t.v. collection?

Is this a straightforward all inclusive collection of GG on CBC t.v.? I sure hope so.

Or is this a Sony re-release dvd version of the Monsaingeon mash-up from the early 1990's ?

Any ideas? 


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> Hello alla,
> I have no more specific information than before, but at least I've seen 
> it advertised in Sony music list of coming releases. It's 10 DVDs and if 
> the release schedule is correct it'll be out in Scandinavia on Sept. 21. 
> I also found a couple of commercial sites with the same information:
> http://zoso.si/product/product&product_id=876305 
> <http://zoso.si/product/product&product_id=876305>;
> http://www.imusic.dk/dvd/0886979521094/glenn-gould-2011-on-television-dvd
> Strangely enough nothing on either Amazon.com or the UK site. Even more 
> surprising, nothing on hmv.co.jp
> It's a step in the right direction anyway...
> Regards,
> Jorgen


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