[f_minor] Gould DVDs

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at sundsvall.nu
Thu Jul 28 16:40:04 EDT 2011

Hi Mary,

As I wrote in the message I have no more specific information. Someone 
also thought this might be the old Monsaingeon series previously 
released on DVD in Japan, but I have now conformation that someone in 
Japan is going to work on this new series. We'll just have to be 
patient. What Kevin Bazzana did tell me earlier is that the idea was to 
release whole programs and not just segments, and that is what we're all 
hoping for...

> Hejsan Jorgen,
> So is this *_it_*? Finally? Is this the "I, myself, have been 
> Bernsteining in all directions" Gould CBC t.v. collection?
> Is this a straightforward all inclusive collection of GG on CBC t.v.? 
> I sure hope so.
> Or is this a Sony re-release dvd version of the Monsaingeon mash-up 
> from the early 1990's ?
> Any ideas?
> Mary

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