[f_minor] Andras Schiff on Beethoven

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In fact, it is impossible to listen to the first 
sonatas in streaming, but I've had no problem in 
downloading them from the Guardian site.
Good luck!

>Once again: If anyone has the now missing first 
>three parts to this lecture series will you 
>please help out?
>The Guardian site begins at Part Four: Towards 
>the Pastoral. Why? I don't know.
>Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 14:23:32 -0400
>From: fred.houpt at rbc.com
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>Subject: [f_minor] Andras Schiff on Beethoven
>Just a short word.....last night as I was 
>drifting off to sleep, I put on his lecture on 
>Beethoven's "Waldstein".  It is not to be 
>missed.  He brings a Gouldian depth to his 
>insights and coupled with a fabulous technique, 
>sensitivities and respect for the ultimate 
>"urtext" meanings including paying close 
>attention to Beethoven's own hand written notes 
>for how the piece is to be played, I found that 
>lecture to be one of the finest I've ever heard. 
>I hope to make my way through the rest of his 
>fascinating lectures....a worthwhile adventure. 
>GG would be pleased at all that insight.
>Fred Houpt
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