[f_minor] Andras Schiff on Beethoven

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Hi Mary et al
The Internet never forgets, with cunning and thinking arond the corners one should at least in theory be able to find almost everything.

I was able to locate some of these lectures as an iTunes podcast here:

Wether they are complete I cannot say, just scroll down and you should see them, starting at 100.

The podcast directory with the mp3 files can be found here: 

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, right-click and choose Save As.

This link should also help I reckon:

If these links still won’t do the trick just let me or us know. 


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Once again: If anyone has the now missing first three parts to this lecture series will you please help out? 
The Guardian site begins at Part Four: Towards the Pastoral. Why? I don't know.



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Just a short word.....last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I put on his lecture on Beethoven's "Waldstein".  It is not to be missed.  He brings a Gouldian depth to his insights and coupled with a fabulous technique, sensitivities and respect for the ultimate "urtext" meanings including paying close attention to Beethoven's own hand written notes for how the piece is to be played, I found that lecture to be one of the finest I've ever heard. I hope to make my way through the rest of his fascinating lectures....a worthwhile adventure.  GG would be pleased at all that insight.


Fred Houpt

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