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Thanks, Arlene, now I can blame you for bursting the OT bubble for news about a remarkable Canadian musician who just happens not to be Glenn Gould.

Last year Kate McGarrigle died. With Anna, Kate was half of the remarkable McGarrigle Sisters of Montréal.

The stilling of her voice, talent and spirit has hurt me so deeply I have not yet been able to write a word or speak to others about it. 

Naively I had assumed she and her sisters -- and lately her two remarkable children Martha and Rufus Wainwright, the kids of Kate's marriage to Loudon Wainwright III -- would just keep singing for my joy and delight forever. 

(And often playing my Massachusetts town nightclub because their guitarist loved to blow his money on new guitars at the excellent music store next door.)

I want to write about Kate and her family's incredibly rich musical world -- a world that sang in both French and English, and thus had important political and social dimensions in Canada, too -- dimensions with international and future implications, if we're lucky.

May I ask anyone with feelings and love for the McGarrigle family's achievement to reply -- on-List if you dare, or privately -- so I can hear voices other than just my own.

Meanwhile, click into YouTube, type "McGarrigle" into the SEARCH box, and devote an hour or a day or a week to incredible beauty. (I'm particularly wild about one of the duo's last songs, "Petite Annonce," and its very funny video.) Then tell me what stirred within you.

Bob Merkin
Massachusetts USA

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