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Everyone who has read any of the Gould biographies will remember that GG was introduced to Joseph Stephens by Peter Ostwald and that they were
quite close for some seventeen years. Stephens even took part in a radio "debate" of some sort with Gould on the subject of the piano concerto.
Joe Stephens was a harpsichordist and organist as well as Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins. The following links tell an interesting story but first a little background music from Madame Jambor (hit the "show more" arrow at this youtube site for Dr. Stephens' short essay):


Someone at The Baltimore Sun hears of a good story:


Then 6 months later someone at the LA Times decides to cover the story too but LA being "a Company town" the emphasis is on Claude Rains (Raines) 
and Bette Davis:


Had the Jambor/Rains marriage lasted just a little bit longer, Agi would have been at those recording sessions of 'Enoch Arden' with Rains and Gould
in 1961 - an interesting 'near miss' of history to reflect upon.

Agi Jambor's obituary:


Dr. Joseph Stephens' obituary:


Some 30 of Agi Jambor's Capitol Records recordings from the 1950's are playlisted at:


Jambor's Bach Toccatas and Partitas are quite extraordinary. I haven't yet listened to the entire playlist.




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