[f_minor] Goldberg Variations '81 Vinyl Q

p z pzumst at bluewin.ch
Fri May 27 15:57:02 EDT 2011

My fellow f_minorers

Is it correct to say that the original vinyl release of the '81 GBs was a 2 LP set ? Given the lenght of the whole thing I assume this is so. gemm.com (which is great if you are looking for audio in any format from any genre) is not able to spill out details apart from price tags very shy below street robbery. And just for the fun of it, how are the flip sides divided ? Googlebing or vice versa is useless in this case. Could someone give me some details pls ?

And while I am here I seem to remember that years ago when Java was still Coffee and IPv6 about as far away as the next decent GG DVD release from the CBC or Sony is nowdays, some japanese collector put up a website with a collection of all GB releases in chronological order with covers plus details. Does anybody know where that site went ? The semantics in search engines also seem to be useless in this case. Can someone help plz ?

Ta in advance


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