[f_minor] Schiff Masterclasses

p z pzumst at bluewin.ch
Thu May 26 12:59:20 EDT 2011

Dear  all

As Mary has mentioned there seems to be no video available for this lecture, but I was able to find a snippet of a Bach Master Class from Mr. Schiff right here:

Don't Panic (as it says on the cover of THGTTG), you don't need a Facebook account to watch this snippet. The whole thing is available on DVD here: http://www.masterclassfoundation.org/releases.php

I was just wondering, with all the new and fancy technology available and with GG's interest in media it is not unlikely that these days he would record such a lecture or masterclass on Bach, Mozart or Schönberg via webstream or DVD ? Idle musings I guess...


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