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thanks mary for the link and a welcome spark for the F_Minors -  beautiful 
beethoven indeed.
and thanks arlene  ..
I tried with my version of windows (windows 7): when I right click, the  
choice is "save as target" and it will give the mp3 file as well.
and to hear Glenn Gould play _http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJG8VqU8XNE_ 

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how to save Guardian downloads, it  is easy

right click each one, "save as  link", becomes an mp3 file.
you tell it to go to your music folder.
i  tried the first one (50 min), worked nicely on my itunes,
he was funny, can  you hear me, you always tell me a week later you could 
not hear  me


ps after sucessfyl  download, i went to get info and change the name of the 
file to guardian  one

_http://onboogiestreet.blogspot.com/_ (http://onboogiestreet.blogspot.com/) 

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Awfully quiet around here lately I  must say - still catching up with your 
Leonard Cohen albums? "The Future" is  my favourite ... not for nothing the 
GG Prize, n'est-ce pas?

Just last week I found a series of "live" lectures on Beethoven's  Sonatas 
given by Andras Schiff in London and I fell under the spell. Has  anyone 
else heard them? If so, will you please comment on them? I wept  during the 
second 'movement' of Opus 111, I just fell apart: it wasn't  because of 
Schiff's narrative, it was the music and how Schiff played it.  There is no irony 
intended here for those of you who might be chuckling. No  no. Sorry. I 
really blubbed and was relieved not to have been among the  'publicke' in such a 
state although there must have been plenty of people in  the audience who 
found themselves wiping away tears and suppressing sobs, if  the amplitude of 
the belated applause  accounts for anything; applause which Schiff had 
already expressed was not  entirely welcome in such circumstances. Here at my 
little home station I  applauded as well, loud and clear, once the shock of 
beauty's sting had  pulled its weight of tears from my soul. Then I staggered 
to the window for  an eyefull of night sky.    

Unfortunately the first "three parts" of this  series/link are no longer 
completely active (there are just a few brief  moments of music or discourse 
and then silence). The 'series' begins at: "Part Four:  towards The 
Pastoral". I began listening at  Part Eight and without ever intending to do so I did 
nothing other than  listen for an entire  evening (and then I blubbed  and 
then I went outside for a walk in the night). 


Spoiler alert: Schiff plays Sonata 14 Opus 27  no. 2  as fast as ...

SOS: can anybody tutor me on how I can keep these  downloads from The 


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