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Did you know that he studied in Bern and can speak my beloved Bärndütsch ? Also wrote a book on Jean-Louis Jeanmmaire. Incidently when I worked for the army one of the guys had an image of him with Jeanmaire and claimed that he had been framed by our government. Jeanmaire was a good bloke who had been set up, that’s what he said. Le Carré indicates something similar

Teh internetz claim that her name was Ekaterina Gvozdewa Sergejewna which does not make any sense. Bloody semantics !

But I got a mate who worked for the Swiss Embassy in Moscow, himself a pianist and admirer of GG (who turned me on to GG). He has connections to the Conservatory, maybe these guys can help..

Oh you mean he ran out of dope in Moscow or hat too much dope in his luggage ? Ha ! 
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The real deal. Before our Master Glenn set off for the '57 Soviet Russian Tour his manager and the Canadian Gov't. made triple sure that when Gould returned he would still be allowed entry into the Good Old USA with no problems... a few problems did arise but they were all pharmaceutical, not political, in nature. 

Le Carre is here when you need him:




I personally enjoyed "Absolute Friends" but it was quite universally panned by The Press.



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