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Professor Wright - check out the video "The Russian Journey" and you will  
see the famous Kitty.
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Hi Professor Wright,  

I remembered the name from several books, the one I have handy at  the 
moment is the Otto Friedrick's biography of Gould ("Glenn Gould: A  Life and 
Variations"). Kitty is described as a teacher and translator in  Leningrad who 
wrote to GG praising his performances and encouraging him  to come back to 
visit the USSR again. Their correspondence continued for  many years. I 
expect those letters will be in the archives you're going  to search. 

Regards , Elaine

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Today's  Topics:

1. Kitty Gvozdeva??? (James  Wright)


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Dear F-minor  List,

Might anyone on the list know the name Kitty  Gvozdeva?  In 1958, the year 
after his tour of the Soviet Union,  GG rec'd a copy of the Scriabin Sonatas 
bearing an inscription "from  Kitty Gvozdeva."  When he recorded the 3rd 
and 5th Sonatas in the  late-60s, he used this score, and wrote extensive 
comments,  performance indications and other glossings into it.

I still  need to dig through the correspondence held in the GG Fonds at 
Library  and Archives Canada, in the hope that a letter from (or to) Kitty  
Gvozdeva is there.  B ut I wondered if anyone on the list might  recognize this 

Many thanks, in advance, for any help any  or you might be able to provide!


James K. Wright,  Ph.D. 
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Supervisor of Performance  Studies
School for Studies in Art & Culture: Music
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