[f_minor] Kitty Gvozdeva???

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Exactly, real name Ekaterina Gvozdeva, in "Glenn Gould: Selected Letters" by Roberts there are 3 letters to her.


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  Mr. Wright,

   I do believe that Kitty G. was (is) the woman "minder" assigned to Gould when he was in Soviet Russia, a sort of State "host" and translator...


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  Dear F-minor List,
  Might anyone on the list know the name Kitty Gvozdeva?  In 1958, the year after his tour of the Soviet Union, GG rec'd a copy of the Scriabin Sonatas bearing an inscription "from Kitty Gvozdeva."  When he recorded the 3rd and 5th Sonatas in the late-60s, he used this score, and wrote extensive comments, performance indications and other glossings into it.
  I still need to dig through the correspondence held in the GG Fonds at Library and Archives Canada, in the hope that a letter from (or to) Kitty Gvozdeva is there.  B ut I wondered if anyone on the list might recognize this name.
  Many thanks, in advance, for any help any or you might be able to provide!

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