[f_minor] Kitty Gvozdeva???

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G’day all, Neil

I suspect that Prof. Wright has checked the available resources (bios etc). Otherwise he would not have asked this mailing list for help and advice. No offence ment, mate. Also, Prof. Wright has read the same bios as you and me, therefore his question in assistance is quite a fair one.

hmm Kitty is short for Katja or Katarina (Jekatarina ? Jekaterina ?) and her last name is spelled in a peculiar americanized phonetic way (like. i.e. Ghorbachev). No wonder Dr. Google will not help here. Talk about semantics !

I reckon what Prof. Wright has in mind is that maybe there is a chance some f_minor reader is in St. Petersburg or Moscow and can check if they ever had a student or prof with this name who could also check published articles and other publications.

Since GG’s visit to Soviet Russia was a sort of mini-Beatlemania I would not be surprised if the people who met and saw him left written accounts within the USSR that have never been seen in the west.

Addendum: There was also an article in the GG Magazine some years back about his historic visit. Should be around here somewhere. 


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I thought they met when Gould was there in the late fifties and stayed in touch? Check the biographies and (published) letters for more info.  



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  Dear F-minor List,
  Might anyone on the list know the name Kitty Gvozdeva?  In 1958, the year after his tour of the Soviet Union, GG rec'd a copy of the Scriabin Sonatas bearing an inscription "from Kitty Gvozdeva."  When he recorded the 3rd and 5th Sonatas in the late-60s, he used this score, and wrote extensive comments, performance indications and other glossings into it.
  I still need to dig through the correspondence held in the GG Fonds at Library and Archives Canada, in the hope that a letter from (or to) Kitty Gvozdeva is there.  B ut I wondered if anyone on the list might recognize this name.
  Many thanks, in advance, for any help any or you might be able to provide!

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