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Wed Mar 9 13:35:30 EST 2011

Well now,

 Since Sir Stephen Fry has consented to be a juror for the next GG Prize perhaps he'd also consent to a lively solo reading of "Glenn Gould Interviews Glenn Gould About Glenn Gould"; Sir Stephen would do it an exquisite justice and don't forget to throw in a performance of Gould's favourite jazz pianist Bill Evans' "Conversations With Myself": 
"Glenn Gould also owned a copy
 of the Evans' album "Conversations With Myself" (1963). Bill overdubs 
himself - not once, but twice - to create an amazing and confusing 
stereophonic contrapuntal  experience with three Bills having nice 
conversations together, "triple play"." 
 On another note; seeing that 'the cats have fled the bags' and even gone on record (film), perhaps Christopher Foss, who is a poet, would like to read of an evening up there at your Stratford 2012... I don't think he would say no if asked politely. I hope he won't say no.

 Whatever you do, Peter Taussig MUST be given as much involvement as he can support. Mr. Taussig came through on Gouldian matters when noone else could be too much bothered and he came through shining like a Mensch...  

 ...and to think that just a couple of days ago I was utterly bereft of ideas.

It would have been the perfect occasion to reintroduce the Stratford Steinway...but gee it's plain gone...plain gone now. Plain gone piano.



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