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G’day all

Well, now that sounds exciting !  I have never been to Canada before. If I can catch some Shakespeare and GG I am half on my way !

Ah, finally someone has decided to come up with something interesting. I am trolling half baked brainstorm ideas now, if there is something usful then good on me, if not no time has been wasted.

- How about a reading of The Three-Cornered world, maybe a stage adaption ? GG read the introduction for the CBC in the early 80s.

-- Wouldn’t it be interesting to have his letters and business correspondence read aloud by various actors ? He did get “fan mail” or messages from people who admired him and he has replied to these as a  vast collection of letters testifies.

- Since this would mark Canada’s 145th birthday and Canada Day is in the summer (right?) how about a multimedia stage adaption of Idea of North ? It has been done before, at least in french.

- Or how about Uri Caine performing the GB’s, including  Klezmer band and DJ as he has done on record ?

Me, I am just trolling here. I am sure some creative mind will come up with much better ideas. I would like to urge f_minor members to send in ideas, we can’t let this opportunity slip past.


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Perhaps some of you will remember me as the Executive Director of The Glenn Gould Foundation in the 1980's and 1990's when we initiated several Gould-focused programs in concert with the Gould Estate, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Archival Collection of the Canadian government.  


Well, inspired in part by Glenn's activities in Stratford, Ontario, where I now live, ten years ago I revived a music festival, called Stratford Summer Music, which has subsequently grown into five weeks of diverse programming.  


Traditionally it's about this time of year when I start focusing on a future season and, indeed, I feel it's time to begin considering how Glenn can be saluted in this Canadian city where he appeared in the 1950's and 1960's when the Stratford Festival (now known as the Stratford Shakespeare Festival) was beginning to build its reputation as a centre of great drama and, until the mid-60's, unique music programming.


Our goal at Stratford Summer Music is eventually to match the strength of the theatre festival with a great music festival.  Next year, 2012, our tribute programming to G.G. will be a substantial part of our twelfth season.  (2012 is, of course, the 80th anniversary year of Glenn's birth and the 30th anniversary of our losing him.)


What I'd like to ask of all of you is precisely what you would suggest be included in Stratford Summer Music's plans for next summer.   


What music programs?  Other programs... literary, video, technology, new media? 


Whom from the Gould circle would you like to meet if you were to be here in Canada for three or four days of a Gould festival in July or August?  


What musicians would you like to see performing during the tribute?


What ideas should audiences learn about, or discuss?  


What themes should be considered as the plans begin to take shape for next year?  


Is there a particular point in the summer when a Gould celebration would best be timed?


The goal is to create a Gould Gathering in the tradition of what we accomplished in years past so that those of you around the world  who appreciate G.G.'s creativity and his legacy will seriously think about journeying to Stratford to join Canadians in a great event in the summer of 2012.


This is the beginning of my planning.  All your ideas are welcomed.  


Perhaps what I'm asking of you might even lead to a dialogue here on the site.


Eagerly I hope to hear from you either via f_minor or, if you prefer to be in private touch with me, through my festival email address:   jmiller at stratfordsummermusic.ca  


Sincere Thanks!

John Miller


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