[f_minor] Can this be right?

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
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G’day f_minor

GG-bashing is still en vogue I see...

While I do agree that benzies and Queen Valium had an effect on his playing 
and choice of repertoire this article is too objective. I accuse the writer 
of being biased and not having properly studied the subject.

The claim that the low chair and all that deprived him of playing romantic 
music is nonsense since GG was not interested in romantic repertoire at all. 
It is therefore unfair to compare him to Pogorelich, mainly because GG was 
not in need of winning over listeners. He did his thing and basically didn’t 
care. Of course he would have bigger audiences had he recorded that romantic 
schmus. But he didn’t because he had his own agenda. I prefer this kind of 
artistic approach. GG wasn't doing this gig for the money, whereas I got me 
doubts on other classical artists.

Once you realize that you don't have to please everybody all the time 
working as a musician gives you more freedom to do what you want and not 
please crowds and critics with an unth recording of, say, Chopin Nocturnes. 
That is what made GG different from his contemporaries and if the writer has 
failed to recognize that, well, sorry, mate. Blame that unqualified article 
on the Valium.

So GG was worried or desperate, eh ? And thought that he could satisfy his 
audiences with spliced tape trickery ? Well, then show me a recording studio 
where they don’t use Ableton or LogicPro and I show you an honest 
politician. GG did what he wanted to do without the pressure of an audience 
or exactly this sort of critics who still write nonsense about a man who has 
been dead since 1982. And not that I want to encourage him he didn’t say one 
word about that movie he claims to have seen...

Am I rambling or has this journalist reached his goal by winding me up ?


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