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all the best with your recovery. md's  are very good with that. i wouldn't be a 
bit surprised if they've added at least 30 years to your life !

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Surprisingly for a Swiss, you clearly do not understand der Kapitalismus, where 
the dead never stop earning money.

Michael Jackson (whose estate owns the Beatles song catalog) just started 
earning big money, because he just abruptly stopped his bizarre spending spree. 
Death is a sort of Rehab for people with shopping addictions.

A few years ago Karen Carpenter was the  top-selling Dead Musical Artist. For 
several years this odd honor has gone to Kurt Cobain (the incomprehensible 
"Smells Like Teen Spirit").

Elvis, of  course, rakes it in every year.

(During his lifetime, Van Gogh was never able to sell a single painting.)

In 2010, after their typical legal squabbles, the surviving Beatles finally dove 
into the .mp3 Internet Music For Sale market, with huge success. The Stones on 
the other hand always enter new tech marketplaces immediately, and are quickly 
rewarded and enriched. 

btw in 2010 The Stones cleaned up, extra-featured and released a new CD of 
"Exile on Main Street" which has garnered huge critical praise.

They were the halftime act at the (USA football) Super Bowl in 2006, singing 
"Start Me Up," "Rough Justice," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." 

The show was viewed by 89,900,000  people, more than the audiences for the 
Oscars, Grammys and Emmy Awards combined. In the wake of the Super Bowl XXXVIII 
halftime show controversy with Janet Jackson [the world accidentally saw her 
breast for a second], ABC and the NFL imposed a five-second delay and censored 
lyrics considered too sexually explicit in the first two songs by briefly 
turning off Mick Jagger's microphone -- censoring to which the group had 
previously agreed.

* * *

There's never going to be a "definitive" documentary about Glenn Gould. His 
unique achievements and bizarre life will keep attracting documentarians, good 
and not-so-good. "32 Short Films" showed how photogenic the long-dead GG was and 
that there was a substantial audience for documentary re-interpretations of him. 
I am waiting for Glenn Gould in I-Max 3D.

(The guy who invented the cool new 3D tek called RealD also wrote "Puff the 
Magic Dragon.")

Actually I am waiting for the first biopic about Bobby Fischer. Nominations for 
who might play Bobby? I vote for Christian Bale.


A personal note: I and my laptop are in a Rehabilitation Facility recovering 
from monster heart surgery. By Springtime I will have recovered enough to go 

But the ordeal is far more emotional than physical; intense despair and 
depression are my daily lot.

Of depression, my vascular surgeon simply prescribed: Sunlight and Mozart. So I 
brought GG's Mozart sonatas with me and listen to them in every spare moment.

They work! They truly brighten my spirit and banish despair!

I bought the Goldbergs too. Bach does not have this magical Happy Spirit effect.

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>Dear f_minor
>By now all that had to be said about Genius Within by those  who have seen it 
>has been said I reckon with the conclusion that the definitve  documentary about 
>GG has yet to be made.
>Just for the record and in fairness to tthose who have not  seen it yet a Code 2 
>version (Europe) on both DVD and Blu-Ray should be released  on March 28th.  
>Contrary to the North American version this one will only be  108 Mins, no word 
>on extra features as of yet.
>DVD Pre-Order info found at amazon.co.uk: 
>Blu-Ray version: 
>I for one am convinced that a platoon of audio and video  engineers is 
>frantically working day and night cleaning, editing and rendering  GG’s 
>audiovisual legacy for a deluxe 12 DVD Box Set with tons of extras and  
>previously unreleased material and a thick booklet for a release in 2012 and the  
>CBC throwing in a few CDs with material previously unavailable in this format.  
>Please tell me I am not hallucinating.
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