[f_minor] OT: For My Fellow Nabokovians

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Wed Jan 26 08:24:41 EST 2011

A friend from Seattle emailed me this link to the NY Times Science page:


 I have been searching desperately on the Web for a very short piece Nabokov wrote on transformation (which concerns us all and perhaps especially those of us who listen to music) as an introduction for his Lectures on Literature and have found the following copy, more I shall not say:


For anyone interested in the Karner Blues:


A short recording of the poet/author/lepidopterist/linguist/chess master/father/bon vivant reminding us all to look, see, speak, remember:


 Gould was all about transformation; he wasn't able to make it from performer to composer and as I am neither I make no judgement but it seems he put himself through a world of pain for some reason. For those reasons? What was the hairshirt for? Why torture an already tortured back sitting on a chair with no cushion and only a wooden crossbar to support a 50 year old body when there was a second chair in good condition at his disposal? To make a pathetic film? (Gould/Monsaingeon "Goldberg Variations") Bathos??? What?


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