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I must admit that I have not finished watching GW (scheduled for tomorrow, with a sixpack and high expectations).

But based on what I have seen I find it courious that someone would “dismiss” a  n e w GG documentary, especially after the Hereafter desaster. Of course we cannot argue about taste or content, but I reckon we can argue about quality.

When dealing with a subject like GG (or any other artist) you need to avoid two traps. One of these traps is Hero Worshipping or what Michael has described as posthumous malarkey, Bruno Montsagenon fell into this one nicely (or not so nicely from the viewer’s point) with Hereafter. The other trap one can fall into is to be too critical with the subject at hand, CBC’s Life And Times was focussed too much on his personality and drug abuse but failed to capture GG as an artist.

I have only seen about 40 minutes of GW but based on what I have seen I dare claim that the producers did make efforts to aviod these traps and keep the balance and narrative. You will see Cornelia Foss and she has the right to be a bit grumpy I reckon. But you will also get to see Lorne Tulk talking about the fact that GG would wait for him outside the pub. And there is music, of course. And two chairs. And Glenn Gould on a beach. Yes, on a beach, in broad daylight, reminding us that some of the clichées we have must be revised. And high time it was for that too !

Over the last years there has been a revival in the documentary genre. We as audiences profit from that. Years ago it would have been unthingable that a documentary about a classical musician, let alone Glenn Gould would have been nominated for an Oscar. Bob Merkin is right, times have changed indeed. For artists, audiences and film makers. And I think in terms of quality and narrative GW has quite something to offer.

Michael, I cannot urge you to “like” this movie. But please do watch it again in a few weeks or so, maybe then you will not be that “grunchy” and find something positive within the frame of GW. Maybe it wil be out on DVD by then, probably the only GG DVD you will find on a store shelf (ahem ahem). Might win an Oscar too. Not that this is any cultural merit these days, but that could ignite a few things....

Permit me to file a full review after I have dealt with the full GW (and that sixpack)


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last night ( really this morning, on vhs ) i finally got to view " genius within ". or the first part of it.   my one word  impression has to be nauseating. the only relief i got from the disgusting non-stop, pandering dialogue came when the satelite broke up the sound or picture. i could not stand watching, or worse, listening to it for more than forty minutes. if you're interested in gg on film, turn to ' on and off the record ', the complete gg edition on vhs, or even the alchemist. ( from which much of this was stolen.  along with the russian journey on vhs , which is just as bad for the same reason ) .  but, by all means, stay clear of this  film unless you have a high tolerance for posthumous  malarkey. 


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