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michael macelletti mmacelletti at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 3 08:30:03 EST 2011

last night ( really this morning, on vhs ) i finally got to view " genius within 
". or the first part of it.   my one word  impression has to be nauseating. the 
only relief i got from the disgusting non-stop, pandering dialogue came when the 
satelite broke up the sound or picture. i could not stand watching, or worse, 
listening to it for more than forty minutes. if you're interested in gg on film, 
turn to ' on and off the record ', the complete gg edition on vhs, or even the 
alchemist. ( from which much of this was stolen.  along with the russian journey 
on vhs , which is just as bad for the same reason ) .  but, by all means, stay 
clear of this  film unless you have a high tolerance for posthumous  malarkey. 
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