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I presume this is from Andy Ford's national Music Show. He's a very
knowledgeable man and composer. Incidentally did you that Gould was
scheduled to undertake an Australian tour in 1960 for the ABC but he'd
pulled out of it at the last minute? Reference is made to it in Bazzana's
book and I'm thanked in the footnotes for uncovering correspondence at the
ABC and to think it all flowed from a passing comment in a personal letter
to me from John Roberts. Orchestral concerts and repertoire were already
chosen for Melbourne and Sydney including both the usual Bach D minor and
Schoenberg for his Sydney debut, the Burleske also. However the most
interesting item is the inclusion of Mozart's K.488 which of course he
neither recorded nor performed elsewhere. If only .. I also have an
interesting letter somewhere on the Schwarzkopf sessions from Paul Myers
(1966). I gather it was Walter Legge, famed EMI producer and Schwarzkopf's
husband who cancelled the sessions due to Gould's improvising. Mind you
Strauss himself was known to do this. Now Dame Betty's dead, we might
eventually get to hear the outtakes that she wouldn't allow to be released
including Morgen etc. I guess I should get off my backside and write
something. Kevin and I did discuss my writing something on GG Down Under for
the now the now defunct magazine. So I don't know where would be the best
place for publication now.


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This Australian radio program was already posted on F Minor I do believe but
it may have been utterly forgotten by now, so:


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