[f_minor] Urgent Need Genius Within Next PBS Showing

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Thanks for that pzumst, I was hoping you might chime in.

The question was how? The answer is: IP proxy

Uncle pzumst is correct to point out that there are risks involved.


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By changing your IP. Let me explain that in 
layman's terms. Your computer has an IP address, similar to a Zip or postal 
code. If I visit the PBS site I would be refused because my IP clearly 
identifies me as non-american ("Hey, hang on, that is a swiss IP, I can't let 
that bloke in !"). No access, no dice, for rights reasons only american IPs are 
allowed to enter.
But by changing your IP you could get around that 
by "fooling" the PBS server into thinking that you have a correct IP. It is 
legal to hide or change your IP for various reasons and there are several ways 
to skin that cat. Be very careful when googling this though and remember kids, 
at your own risk ! It is not that difficult, there are several good 
tutorials out there, but if you do not feel secure I advise you wait for the DVD 
release. Might include a few bonus interviews, featurettes, outtakes, who knows 
? If that thing wins an Oscar you will see it on shelves in a few weeks 
Any further questions in the house ?

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Yes, please do tell! 

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 1:42 AM, Timothy Conway <timcon at comswest.net.au> 

  Hello Mary, 

  On 29/12/2010, at 10:24 PM, maryellen jensen wrote:

  If you're not 
    in the US: The PBS 
    videos will not play for you BUT 
    there are ways around that.

  What are the ways? I'm intrigued. Happy new year,


  -- Tim


  Tim Conway
  Geraldton, Western Australia

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