[f_minor] urgent need HI HO, TIM !!! - Attention Tim!!!

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Hello Robert et al,


Here's a review of Genius Within written by a close friend during its cinema
run here in Oz with a little assistance from me. I think it's a fine review
and was thinking of commencing my DVD review by suggesting that people read
his first.


Best wishes and a prosperous 2011 to all,





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Hiya Brett, hiya Tim --


Hey, I been to Adelaide! Loved it! From there we took the Ghan to Alice to
see Halley's Comet (in the previous Millennium). We camped in the MacDonnell
Range where the Chamberlains camped the night before the dingo etc.!  When
Ozzies in the Ghan bar car realized we were Yanks, they played and sang
"Waltzing Matilda" 300 times for us on the tinny little piano! Sure made the
time fly!


I'm usually comatose and late about New GG stuff, but this time I seem to
have been first off the starting blocks -- I turned on the TV and there was
"The Genius Within," and that night I filed the first f_minor review!


When you've written your review, could you post it here? That would be a
treat. (You're not obligated to like it as much as I did.)



Massachusetts USA


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Attention Tim Conway


Regarding The Genius Within - As a fellow Australian, the film has done the
round of the Palace cinemas in the major capitol cities. As far as I can
guess, it will probably be shown on SBS like Monsaingeon's Hereafter. The
good news is that Genius Within will be released in the next few weeks for
sale. As a reviewer I'd already received a review/preview copy before Xmas.
I think it's through Shock in Melbourne though I can check and email you
further info should you require it. By the way I'm in Adelaide. Please
contact me directly should you want more info.






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