[f_minor] urgent need HI HO, TIM !!!

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Wed Dec 29 06:41:40 EST 2010

I think, if you contact your PBS in Australia or just PBS, you can order  
the DVD which I think will be shipping in a few months.
Good Luck & here in the states, I hadn't heard about it either because  I 
sometimes grow weary of the non interesting stuff on PBS  & didn't look. .
stay dry !!!
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Hello  All,  

Merry Christmas, belatedly.

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If in US, try 

Many thanks for that. I tried the link and although it played  me a lovely 
ad for PBS products it eventually told me to get lost because I  was in the 
wrong region so I never got to see Glenn. I think I'll wait for the  DVD. 
Happy new year to all,

-- Tim Conway
Geraldton, Western Australia


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