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A lot of you may be familiar with Denis Dutton's writings. Dutton championed Gould and remained his staunch defender.
Dutton's brilliant website "Arts and Letters Daily" has been my homepage for as long as I've been online, I woke up today
to find its banner in black for the first time:


"It's a grave mistake in publishing, whether you're talking about 
Internet or print publication, to try to play to a limited repertoire of
 established reader interests. A few years ago, Bill Gates was boasting 
that we'll soon have sensors which will turn on the music that we like 
or show on the walls the paintings we like when we walk into a room. How
 boring! The hell with our preexisting likes; let's expand ourselves 
intellectually." - Dennis Dutton, founder of Arts & Letters Daily, who died today, speaking in a 2000 interview with Salon.
Arts & Letters is a stellar example of how a well-curated site 
(and the minds behind it) can be offer be a constant source of surprise 
and delight. He'll be missed. - Zoe Pollock
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