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Hi All
If in US, try 
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Michael,  some of us do exactly that. Kate Papademas sent in an email to F 
Minor well  before Genius Within aired in the US if I'm not mistaken. I 
wrote in before it  was to be aired on Arte tv in ye olde worlde. If you're in 
the States it will  be aired again very soon, go to the PBS American Masters 
website for all the  info you need, there are outtakes offered too. Happy  


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what this list needs is a bulletin board. something that lists upcoming  gg 
events, new books ,  cd's, tv programs ( given the country ), "  
amazon.com"  daily specials,   etc.      i don't know  about you, but, frankly , i 
really can't stand to read the newspaper long  enough to get to the t.v. 
section. and, the media, in general , is usually too  revolting and irritating to 
spend much time with.  as  result i find  out about great things ( i.e. :  
gg  inner genius  ),    after the fact.  so.  what do you say. everybody lets 
everyone  else know when something good is going to happen  in the very 
foreseeable  future . 


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