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Sun Dec 26 13:28:08 EST 2010

G'day f_minor

Hans Liberg is a dutch musician, entertainer and comedian who has done several programs in dutch, german and english. I have seen some of his shows, they are  intelligent, funny and even educational. He is having a bit of fun with musical styles, performers and his audienc,  great stuff. And as a trained pianist he sometimes has a go at a GG parody: 


Skip to bout 10 or 11 min and you will see a short parody of GG's manierisms, no knowledge of german required (if you are interestd, they muse on who that Elise was, how the quatremain might have been invented, Beethoven in general and a few jokes on the expense of a certain chinese pianist..). 
I know there is a longer one out there,  from a different source but at present I can't find it just right now...

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