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Talking of rarities, I have an original pressing of GG's Scriabin/Prokofiev
disc and it appears to be signed in a thickish black felt tip at the end of
the liner notes en verso. Many of his discs have a thin reproduced signature
to the rear; however this one is different. I know he signed copies of
aGerman Bach release. Is it possible that he signed others? I don't want to
rub at the signature in case it is legit.

Best wishes to all,


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It could be worth something as a collector's item.

Here's the CD reissue of it that I have, from 1993:
Evidently a few stray used copies floating around and for sale there.

Brad Lehman

On 12/20/2010 4:09 PM, Mark Ulster wrote:
> Hello there -
> I recently acquired an original Hallmark 10-inch LP, which is Glenn
> Gould's first commerical recording. (Hallmark Recital Series RS3 - Glenn
> Gould&  Albert Pratz)  It's in excellent condition.
> Is this a particularly rare record? Do you have any idea how many other
> copies are out there? Is it worth something?
> Thanks for your help,
> Mark

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